Bali from Within
March 5-17, 2021
Bali, Indonesia
Guides: Trebbe Johnson, with Balinese Guides: Rucina Ballinger, Wayan Suriada, and Nyoman “Mangkok” Sutarya

Each day, the Balinese people can be seen engaging in what is obviously a vibrant, creative, spiritually intact culture in full view of—yet rarely including—outsiders. For ten years I’ve been working with Balinese friends to offer this trip for only four participants. Together we penetrate the scrim of colorful, often enigmatic impressions… to discover Bali from Within. In 2019 we’ll  be in time to join the festivities and the solemnity of Nyepi, Balinese New Year. Click here to read more.

Lead Like a River
AUGUST1-8, 2020
High Atlas Mountains (near Marrakech), Morocco
Guides: Eugene Hughes and Trebbe Johnson


Combining the extraordinary landscape of the High Atlas Mountains with the power of contemporary leadership principles, Lead Like a River enables you to acknowledge and apply your unique contribution to the world. Held entirely in the magnificent landscape of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the program will strengthen your innate convictions about what’s deeply important to you, enable you to craft your vision, let go of the obstacles that stand in your way, and map out your path to the work that matters. Click here to read more.