October 19 and every two weeks (November 2, 16, 30 etc.)
4:30-4:50 (20 minutes each session)
With Trebbe Johnson, founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times, and Rev. Alison  Cornish, Program Director at The BTS Center

The Earth itself doesn’t need hospice care, of course. This planet has remade itself countless times over its four and a half billion-year lifespan and will do so again. But something very dear to us humans is dying, and that is our relationship with the seasons, plants, animals, and waters as we know and love them.
Join us for Earth Hospice Rites, an online, ongoing gathering place to lament, celebrate, share, and offer mindful attention to the places and species we love that are endangered.

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Facilitated by: Trebbe Johnson
Dates: April 25, May 2, 9, 16, 2023, 4-Tuesday Evenings, 7:00-9:00 pm ET
Available by: Join by Videoconference or Watch Online Recordings
Price: General Public: $ 100.00 | One Spirit Graduates and Students: $ 90.00
Offered by OneSpirit Learning Alliance

When we consider the sacredness of the Earth, we tend to think of beautiful, awe-inspiring places like old-growth forests and snowy mountains. Yet hurt places like a landfill, a clear-cut forest, and a street corner where an act of violence has occurred are also part of the sacred Earth, and they are often shunned. In this workshop participants open up to the beauty and holiness of wounded places as they develop practices of ceremony, offerings, and meditative listening there. Praising, mourning, and creating sacred beauty for hurt places fosters respect for all parts of Creation, deepens compassion, and unites people of diverse races, religions, and ages around the love of place.

Between online classes students will visit a hurt place near them, each week with a different focus.