Pilgrimage to the Sacred—Secret and Revealed

Pilgrimage to the Sacred—Secret and Revealed
April 10-17, 2019
The Desert of the Holy Land, Israel
Guides: Trebbe Johnson and Lia Naor

We long to live a life of purpose, to discover both a sacred calling that beckons us forth and the inner commitment to follow that path.

On this journey we discover what the ancients have always known and spiritual seekers have never forgotten—that the landscape around us informs, enlightens, and inspires our inner landscapes. And there is no place on Earth that inspires more passion, drive, and awe than the place called by all who are drawn to it The Holy Land. On this 7-day pilgrimage we spend deep time in deserts, caves, waters, and sacred sites that guide us to our own relationship with our individual depths and heights. Every day brings us to a different level of the unfolding mystery of the land and our own psyches.

We reach each place by walking or with private transportation. Nights we rest in campsites or small hotels. Every evening we will sit in circle in Council, and each person will have the opportunity to speak from the heart without interruption about the experiences and reflections of the day.

Guided by the places we spend time with, we explore:

  • The Call—What are the pathways of your life that led you to this pilgrimage?
  • Unearthing the Treasures—What are the gifts that you and only your are offering to the world?
  • The Sacred Wound—How do the traumas and their accompanying beliefs that have shaped you keep you stuck and—transformed—lead directly to your sacred path?
  • The Divine Beloved—What unique and driven force within you corresponds to the unseen and constantly felt Presence that spiritual traditions and psychologists alike have referred to as the Beloved?
  • The Offering—What are you prepared to sacrifice in order to unite with the Great Mystery with you and without?
  • The Inner Temple—What is your temple? How will you care for it?
  • The Feast—Celebrating what you have gained, how will you go forth?

A complete itinerary will be available soon.

Price: $2,100—Includes guide fees all meals except one dinner, camping fees, private bus, entrance fees to park, driver and cook.