The Authenticity of Being: The People, Land, and Spirit of Nepal


The Authenticity of Being: The People, Land, and Spirit of Nepal
October, 2019 (exact dates to be determined)
Solo Khumbu, Nepal
Guided by Trebbe Johnson and Kinde Nebeker, with the support of Karma & Sonam Sherpa of Nomad Nepal

“When people think of Nepal, they usually think of heights.
This is a journey into the depths of a remarkable place.”

For the Sherpa people of Nepal, living beneath the highest mountains on earth, life is an attitude of attentive presence, rooted in a land of crystalline air, alluring peaks, prayer flags flapping in the breeze, and the resonance of ceremonial bells and chants. Here the spiritual path is not just the Buddhist religion, but the way in which people treat one another, the land, and the challenges of life. “Namaste”, the traditional greeting of the Sherpa people means “I bow to the divine in you” — and when they greet you by clasping their hands in prayerful pose and bowing, you can feel what it is like to be recognized as a divine being!

Many of us Westerners look toward the people and culture of the Everest region of Nepal with wonder. We sense in their approach to life an expansiveness, openness, mindfulness. In the presence of such ways of being we are able to expand our own cultural and spiritual boundaries and open up to new ways of thinking about how we ourselves want to be in our communities and our environment.

On this one-of-a-kind trip, we will not be seeking not the heights of Nepal but the depths. We will meet the Sherpa people in their homes, monasteries, and shops. Our walking journey through the landscape is reflective, focusing not on attaining summits, but on getting to know the land and the people who make their home there, not for attaining a summit. We seek not to adopt the Sherpa way of being, but to learn from it and to relish the experience of being welcomed in an entirely new way.

Ours is also a journey into The Authenticity of Being of our own selves, made more clear in the mirror of nature and Buddhist culture. Every night the members of our group will come together for a Council, a way of diving deep into the experiences of the day as they have touched, challenged, and inspired us personally.

This trip is designed to transform. You will return changed by Authenticity of Being.

Because of the special nature of this trip, we can only take 10 participants, so sign up early!


Includes four nights stay in Kathmandu (two before and two after trek), flights to and from lower Solo Khumbu area; full meals, tents, local Sherpa guide and trekking staff support for one-week trek, and program facilitation by Kinde and Trebbe.