Declaring Your Elderhood









October 31-November 3
Muskoka, near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
Guides: Trebbe Johnson and Denis Marier

You’ve spent years gaining experience. Surviving the hard times. Learning from both mistakes and triumphs. Delighting in the gifts that life unexpectedly offers. And grieving over what you always wanted and never got.

Now at last you know who you are.

And yet, when you reach this hard-won maturity, many people start telling you that aging is something to avoid! They try to sell you cosmetics so you’ll look younger. They give you “senior citizen” discounts, but they ignore you when you speak. Strangers call you “dear” or “honey”.

Our Elderhood should be the crowning time of our lives.The time when we finally let go of what we no longer need and claim what we really want—to be, to do, to wear, to befriend.

We invite you to step forth proudly into all that’s made you who you are…. and all you’re still in the process of becoming. Join us at beautiful Morning Blossom Retreat and step forth over the threshold to Declaring Your Elderhood.

On this retreat you’ll claim the path you want for the rest of your amazing life. Through discussion, creation of your own life map, solo intentional walks on Muskoka’s famed and beautiful land and shorelines, and other practices, you’ll celebrate the unique and particular Elder only you can be. The retreat will include a 3-hour solo in nature and will conclude with a ceremony of commitment with the group.

Cost: Sliding scale $800-$1,100. Includes program, lodging, all meals, and materials.