Beauty for Broken Places

With Trebbe Johnson
November 17-19
Rowe Center, Rowe, Massachusetts

When the place we love are hurt, we hurt too. Discover how to revitalize both yourself and the land with Trebbe, founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times, and transform suffering into resilience and power.

If you’ve seen your community and the wilderness areas you love become broken, toxic, and endangered, you may feel tempted to respond to the hurt by turning your back on it — but when you become willing to attend to the hurt places, in the land and in yourself, you can discover meaning, beauty, and empowerment. This weekend you’ll have an opportunity to explore the ways in which the landscapes you care about are teachers and mirrors of your deepest self. Working with inner dialogue, council, storytelling in partners, and much more, and walking through Rowe’s beautiful grounds alone or with Trebbe and others, you’ll have a chance to praise and mourn what’s hurt, find wisdom and guidance, create ceremony for yourself, your neighbors, and for the land, and discover simple, creative tools for finding and making beauty every day for the hurt places within and without.

Fee: $260-$360 (sliding scale), plus diverse lodging choices
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