Youth Vision Quest


Vision Quest for Youth
July 31
August 10
Offered by The School of Lost Borders
Location: Big Pine, California – Inyo Mountains

Guides:  Trebbe JohnsonDaniel Kirchhof, Marie de Beauvoir
Contact: Trebbe Johnson

Nearly every culture on Earth shows evidence of a ceremonial marking of the passage from youth to adulthood, undertaken consciously and witnessed by the community. Without such acknowledgement from adults, how do young people know they have in fact crossed over into a new life-stage? And what happens to young people who grow physically into adulthood, but are never initiated, never honored in their new roles? Many mature physically, but not emotionally, not authentically. They may turn to alcohol or drugs, or use sex, shopping, or other addictions in an effort to express themselves.

When you say Yes to the Youth Quest, you make a brave commitment to find and face your deepest truths, your strengths and weaknesses. You come to discover your authentic, gifted self. In the beautiful and remote Inyo Mountains of eastern California, with three experienced guides and a small group of like-minded other youth, you ask the critical questions: “Who am I to be in the world?” and “What are my gifts?” This opportunity is both a great challenge and a simple task, providing the possibility of returning home with a timeless memory in your bones and a profound connection to the Earth, ready to embark on the life-long quest of finding and making your place in the world.

A blending of ancient and modern practices, the vision fast requires a willingness to live alone in the high desert for three days and nights without food and shelter. It is a valid confirmation of maturity for all people, the experience of a lifetime, offering profound bonds with inner and outer nature, with self and community. Each will come to and return from the solo time with a unique story to share and have witnessed in an elders’ council.

The School of Lost Borders was founded in the early 1970s by Steven Foster and Meredith Little, who introduced the contemporary wilderness rite of passage to support women, men, and youth to make the transition  “from the past to the future, from the old to the new, from the outward to the inward, from the self to the Self.” For more than forty years Lost Borders has been conducting vision fasts for young people ready to confirm their entry into adulthood. During the course participants undergo a traditional wilderness rite-of-passage, intending to find and face their deepest inner truths, their strengths and weaknesses, and to ask the critical questions, “Who am I to be in the world? What do I have to offer as an adult?” They come with their concerns, their challenges, their gifts, and their dreams. They leave ready to take their full place in the world.

Cost: Tuition: $800 – $1400 (sliding scale). A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to hold your deposit. There will be an additional fee of about $35 for camping fees, and participants are responsible for their own meals for four days before and three days after the solo days.

Scholarships are available for those who apply, money should not be an obstacle for those who hear the call to participate.

For more information contact Trebbe. To register, click here.