Vision Quest for Youth
July 31-August 11
Big Pine and Inyo Mountains, California
Guides: Trebbe Johnson and Daniel Kirchof
Offered by the The School of Lost Borders

For more than forty years the School of Lost Borders has been guiding vision fasts for young men and women ready to confirm their entry into adulthood. High in the wild and beautiful Inyo Mountains of Eastern California, participants ages 17-24 undergo a traditional wilderness rite-of-passage to find and face their deepest inner truths, their strengths and weaknesses, and to ask the critical questions, “Who am I to be in the world? What do I have to offer as an adult?” They come with their concerns, their challenges, their gifts, and their dreams. They leave ready to take their full place in the world.  Click to read more.

Lead Like a River
August 19-26
Imlil (near Marrakech), Morocco
Guides: Trebbe Johnson and Eugene Hughes
Offered by ArtGym

Ranked by the London Times as one of the “Top 20 Life-Changing Experiences”, Lead Like a River is specifically designed for people who are already leaders in their field and are ready to reapply their skills and experience to make a real difference in this world. Combining the extraordinary landscape of the High Atlas Mountains with the power of contemporary leadership principles, Lead Like a River enables you to shape a path for your professional life that you and only you can follow.  Click to read more.

Bali from Within
April 9-April 21, 2018
Bali, Indonesia
Guides: Trebbe Johnson, with Balinese Guides: Rucina Ballinger, Wayan Suriada, and Nyoman “Mangkok” Sutarya

Every visitor to Bali is struck by the mystery: Each day, the Balinese people can be seen engaging in what is obviously a vibrant, creative, spiritually intact culture in full view of—yet rarely including—outsiders. What does it all mean? For ten years I’ve been working with Balinese friends to offer this trip for only four participants. Together we penetrate the scrim of colorful, often enigmatic impressions… and we will discover Bali from Within. And in 2018 we’ll  be in time to join in the festivities and the solemnity of Nyepi, Balinese New Year. Click to read more.

The Authenticity of Being: The People, Land and Spirit of Nepal
October 14-24, 2018
Solo Khumbu, Nepal
Guides: Trebbe Johnson and Kinde Nebeker, with the support of Karma & Sonam Sherpa of Nomad Nepal

Many of us Westerners look toward the people and culture of the Everest region of Nepal with wonder. We sense in their approach to life an expansiveness, openness, mindfulness. In the presence of such ways of being we are able to expand our own cultural and spiritual boundaries and open up to new ways of thinking about how we ourselves want to be in our communities and our environment. On this one-of-a-kind trip, we will not be seeking not the heights of Nepal but the depths.